2024.5 Happy Spring out for Water Great Wall!

2024.4 New family photo!

2024.1Happy New year!

2023.4 Happy Autumn out!

2023.7 Happy tenth-year anniversary in Qingdao, China!

2023.6 Happy Lijia’s, Fangnong’s, and Zhuoning’s Ph.D. defense!

2023.4 Happy Spring out!

2023.1 Happy New Year!

2022.9 Happy Teacher’s Day!

2022.5 Happy Zhuqing’s and Kai’s PhD defense!

2022.1 Happy new year!

2021.12 Happy Ke’s PhD defense!

2021.11 Happy birthday!

2021.10 Autumn outing, Xi Shan, Beijing

2021.4 Spring outing,Yun Meng Shan, Beijing

2021.1 Happy birthday to the Xie lab - 8th Year Old!

2020.10 Autumn outing,Yun Meng Xian Jing, Beijing

2019.12 Happy birthday to the Xie lab - 7th Year Old!

2019.12 Happy birthday to Guang and Yunlong!

2019.10 Congrats to Bofeng who won Shumu Scholar, and Yunlong and Yu for getting their super bivalency paper accepted!

2019.10 Autumn outing, Si Ma Tai Great Wall, Beijing

2019.10 Group photo

2019.7 Congrats to Yunlong and Bofeng who successfully defended their Ph.D thesis!

2019.7 Hui’s Farewell Party. We wish him all the best!

2019.5 Spring outing, Baihua mountain, Beijing

2018.12 Happy birthday to the Xie lab - 6th Year Old!

2018.10 Autumn outing, Feng Huang mountain, Beijing

2018.4 Spring outing, Hei Long Tan, Beijing

2018.1 Happy birthday to the Xie lab - 5th Year Old!

2017.6 Congrats to Dr. Jingyi Wu, Dr. Wenhao Zhang, and Dr. Hui Zheng for successfully obtaining their Ph.D degrees!

2016.4 Spring outing and BBQ

2015.10 Autumn outing, West Hill, Beijing

2015.5 Spring outing, Qing Long Xia, Beijing